The following are the most commonly asked questions. Let us know if you have more questions.

A: Yes, it is not uncommon for us to have 4 or 5 scheduled. There are several hairstylists and makeup artists that work for Brideheads

A: Yes. There is a mileage fee. It is $1 per mile one way, per service provider from their home to location. We will be coming from this address if you would like to calculate the mileage. The address is: 2021 S. Park St., Madison, WI 53713

A: Yes! At least three people per service. $150 added service fee for less than three.

A: No! Our record amount of people in a wedding party is 13 people in 2.5 hours.

A: Please see services page. If you do not see something, please ask!

A: Trials are done at Rockabetty's Salon or the service provider's studio. If you want hair and make-up we will arrange for a trial to do both. The charge is the same as your wedding day minus the mileage expense. To see pricelist please click: Services. If there is a service you do not see, please ask.

A: We do not perform trials on Saturdays (because we are off doing weddings) or Sundays (because the salon is closed). All stylists and make-up artists have full time jobs other than Brideheads, so we need to coordinate all schedules, and this can take some time. The best way is to submit the days/times you would like on our homepage. Upcoming dates take priority over dates three months or more in the future.

A: The make-up we use is a mineral line (mainly Ophra, YoungBlood, Pure, Sorme and other professional hypo-allergetic brands) that is great on even the most sensitive of skin types. It will last you all day and night! The hair products we use are Paul Mitchell Freeze and Shine, and various Kenra products. This generally should ensure all day and night wear.

A: 30-60 minutes for attendants, 60-75 minutes for bride, please ask Angie if you are working on your timeline. All staff operate at different paces.

A: We book plenty of time to work out these details with you during your trial. If for some reason you'd like a 2nd trial, we charge the same as the 1st, no refunds or free redos. Please come prepared with ideas and if you have something out of the ordinary in mind please let us know ahead of time so we can best prepare for you.

A: We send one service provider per 3-5 services that you need done. 3-5 services = 1 provider, 6-8 services = 2 providers.