Prices Effective Beginning January 1, 2023

Bridal Updo/Hairstyle$100

Bridesmaid Updo$90

Half Updo/Part Up$85

All Down/Length-Based$80-$90

Flower Girl$75

  • *Flower girl with an adult amount of hair will be charged the adult price.

Basic Makeup Application/or Trial$80

  • Airbrush or Mineral Foundation

Airbrush Makeup Application/or Trial$85


  • *Ask for a quote for any other services not listed. Does not include 20% gratuity.

Extension Rental$30-75

  • **Groupon and Living Social discounts cannot be applied to brides and wedding party services.

Bride Trial - Hair$115

  • *Please note: We will no longer be offering blow-outs.

Mom's/Attendant Hair Trial - Short/Bobbed Hair-Long$75-$85

  • *Moms and Grandmothers with short hair are typically $75; unless there is enough length for half/part up or updo. Ask for a quote for any other services not listed.

Mileage to Location$1/Mile

  • One way charge per sylist, from their home to services location.

Changes for 2023

PLEASE NOTE: These are the upcoming changes for 2023:

  • Extra holiday charges of 30% gratuity for each service provider will apply. This is for a date on any holiday weekend or the holiday itself
  • Extra charges for early start services that begin before 7 am ($35 per stylist/artist) 7am to 8am start ($20 per stylist). These charges will come off your deposit.
  • Extra charges of applying hair accessories to wedding party will apply. These will come off your deposit.
  • Placing hair flowers for the wedding party or anyone else will cost $5 per person. If this isn’t noted in the contract, the cost will come off your deposit.