Prices Effective Beginning January 1, 2024

Service Menu Pricing for 2025 Weddings

Wedding Day Bridal Hairstyle from$125

Wedding Day Bridesmaid Updo$90

Wedding Day Half Updo/Part Up$85

Wedding Day All Down/Length-Based$80-$90

Trial Bridal Updo/Hairstyle$115

  • Season Only - Add $25
  • Unsigned contracts at the time of your trial add $25

Trial Bridesmaid Updo$90

Trial Half Updo/Part Up$85

Trial All Down/Length-Based$80-$90

Flower Girl$75

  • *Flower girl with an adult amount of hair will be charged the adult price.

Wedding Day Bridal Makeup$100

Attendee Makeup $90

  • Full glam looks are subject to additional fees and longer service times.

Airbrush add $20

Eyelashes add $17

Makeup Complexion Touchup $25

Trial Makeup $100

Airbrush add $20

Eyelashes add $17

Fiancee Service$25

  • Quick no-heat hairstyle

Non-Wedding Party Special Occasion Hair & Makeup $180

  • Starts at $180 (Mon-Thur)
  • Fri-Sun $205
  • Airbrush add $20
  • Lashes add $17

Boudoir Hair and Makeup $200

  • Fri-Sun $225
  • Airbrush add $20
  • Lashes add $17

Extension Rental$50-100

  • * Price based on volume and length needs
  • ** Advanced notice needed for Extension Rentals
  • *** Brides will be charged credit card fees. As an alternative, you can avoid fees with payment by Venmo, cash or check. Returned checks will be charged a $30 fee.

Bride-Provided Extensions$25

  • *Please note: We will no longer be offering blow-outs.

Attendee Hair (includes bridemaids and moms)$90

  • * Full Glam Looks are subject to additional fees and longer service times.
  • ** Weekend trials have a $25 premium added (if we're available)

Mileage to Location$1/Mile

  • One way charge per sylist, from their home to services location.
  • $20 early start fee for start times before 8 am per stylist
  • We do services on dry hair only. A blow dry fee of $30 will apply to any wet hair.